What You Need to Know About LinkedIn Live Video

What You Need to Know About LinkedIn Live Video

LinkedIn is the biggest social network for the professional world with over 600 million users globally, yet it has surprisingly been behind the times when it comes to video content. The social network finally introduced video to the platform in 2017, well after many social networks made a play for video in earnest.

Ever since then, video has been the fastest-growing format on the entire platform. Now LinkedIn is looking towards live video to help continue that growth.

LinkedIn launched a beta version of its live video called LinkedIn Live back in February 2019. This feature would allow professionals and organizations to broadcast video on the platform much in the same way Facebook Live operates. The beta version is invite-only at this point, but LinkedIn will soon open the live video platform up to others via a contact form on its website.

Why Live Video?

Live video has become the next biggest thing in digital marketing since Facebook Live launched at the end of 2015. Although the technology has been around for quite some time, it has only gained prominence recently as influencers and big companies have made use of its many features.

Video content’s overall rise has been the stimulus behind so many social media networks shifting to this type of content. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have all made a mad dash towards integrating static video and live video streaming into their growth plans. By 2020, nearly 82 percent of all internet traffic is expected to be video streaming.

Take lessons from Facebook Live’s four-year reign. According to the social network, 78 percent of its users watch live streams, and they spend three times more time watching the videos. Users even comment at 10 times the rate of static videos.

It’s all about creating an interactive and engaging experience that is “only available now.” This two-way connection allows for a far more intimate experience between the viewer and the brand than before. Additionally, 50 percent of marketing professionals say that live video has given them the best ROI of any content form.

LinkedIn sees the writing on the wall. With the platform eyeing three billion users as its ultimate goal, maybe live video can be the push it needs to reach that goal.

Why Is LinkedIn Jumping Into Live Video?

People may think LinkedIn is simply a website to help you look for jobs or to help employers find you—not an exciting purpose, considering our collective angst over the job searching process.

Yet, many in the business world actively seek out valuable information on the platform and want to be engaged. Up to 40 percent of its user base logs in on a daily basis. It’s the best place to get insights into building a better workspace and company overall. LinkedIn users seek engagement, and live video is the key to creating what the users want.

LinkedIn found that once it introduced native video to its users back in 2017, its users spent almost three times more time watching video ads than they did watching static sponsored content. Video also generated 30 percent more comments per impression. Overall, LinkedIn has seen a big boost in traffic and revenues from static video content with a 29 percent increase in revenue from last quarter.

Ever since 2017, live video has been the biggest request from many prominent users of the platform. Overall, video has driven strong levels of engagement and made the platform more appealing. LinkedIn hopes to drive that appeal higher with a professional live video platform.

What You Need to Know About LinkedIn’s Live Video Feature

LinkedIn has finally joined the live video world, but what are the defining features of the platform? How can this be used to help your brand get ahead in a competitive market?

First of all, LinkedIn is using other social media sites are a template to design its own live streaming platform. It will be a familiar experience. Users can like videos and comment while the video is live. Viewers can ask questions in real time while the broadcaster can moderate the comment section in real time as well.

The live video experience will be somewhat different as well. LinkedIn’s ethos is based off the idea that it is a social media network for professional job seekers and employers. It’s all about business and making connections to further your business or professional goals.

LinkedIn is rolling out a beta version to select companies and influencers to maintain a sense of professionalism. This isn’t the rough, user-generated world of Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. The goal is more polished video that still has that air of authenticity to it.

The social media site will pilot test the live video program with content creators such as Telestream, Wirecast, Switcher Studio, Wowza, Socialive, and Brandlive. Much of what you already see on the website’s news feed will make up the bulk of its live video content strategy. Live video will be a great way to host and cover things like:

  • Conferences, at Aftermarq, we've helped brands like SAP stream off-stage interviews and content to LinkedIn via YouTube in the past, this alleviates that.
  • Events
  • Product announcements and demos
  • Q&As
  • Weekly business warp-ups
  • Earnings calls
  • Awards ceremonies

This could even become a platform to deliver high-quality business debates, behind-the-scenes videos, large news events, and have livestreamed post-event sessions to keep users engaged.

How This Can Help Your Brand

If you already using Facebook Live and other livestreaming platforms, then you have a good idea of the huge opportunity that LinkedIn Live opens up. While Facebook Live and similar live streaming platforms are designed to capture a wide audience for your content, LinkedIn’s audience will be much narrower. This content is designed for professionals and can help build your brand awareness amongst competitors and admirers alike.

While you shouldn’t expect people and businesses to come busting down your door once you launch your video live stream, it should provide you a boost in your overall video marketing strategy. If nothing else, you can use live video as an extra way to increase engagement following conferences or any event related to your brand.

The important thing to remember is that you need a video marketing strategy before diving headfirst into the live video streaming world. This is even truer for LinkedIn Live. Your goal should be driving engagement and presenting a professional, polished video representation of your brand.

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