Talk Triggers with Jay Baer

Talk Triggers with Jay Baer

Talk triggers is a new concept from the Jay Baer stable of topics, and I have a feeling this is one we will be hearing a lot more about.

Talk triggers is a concept which states that your best marketing opportunities are operational rather than traditional marketing campaigns or advertising movements. Think: hotel surprise and delight a guest that tweets at them and sending them a nice bottle of wine.

I had the chance to catch up with Jay at Oracle's Modern Marketing Experience in Las Vegas after he gave an amazing talk on the topic. Watch the interview below.

Quotes from Jay

  • The best companies in the world, advertise the least.
  • Make word of mouth involuntary.
  • Word of mouth is the most cost effective form of marketing.
  • Operations, not marketing, create talk triggers.
  • Marketing, sales, operations, customer service and even legal are the nucleus of talk triggers.
  • Hooters sells chicken wings, but their talk trigger is operational.
  • Individual people within a company are trusted 2x more than the company itself.

About Jay Baer

Jay Baer is a marketing consultant, speaker, and the author of the New York Times bestselling book, Youtility.

As President of Convince & Convert and the founder of five companies, Baer has worked with over 700 brands including Nike, Cold Stone Creamery, Sony, ExactTarget, and ConocoPhillips since 1994, including 25 of the Fortune 1000. His Convince & Convert blog is ranked among the world’s top marketing resources, and was named #3 social media blog in the world by Social Media Examiner.

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