Doc vs Create

Doc vs Create

We are bombarded with social media posts, email notifications, appointments, meetings, and advertisements constantly. Everyone is rushing around, trying to remember 1,000 things per day. It’s hard for a brand to get noticed amongst this tsunami of distractions.

If you are not consistently reminding them that your brand exists, then you will fade from your audience’s consciousness. That’s why producing and posting quality content on a daily basis is crucial to building your brand’s visibility. You have to be seen to be heard.

Too many content creators think they must create that one awesome video that defines their brand. The truth is, while you are worrying about perfecting your video, your competitors are churning out multiple videos in that timespan. They also devoted time to crafting engaging social media posts and stayed relevant in your audiences’ minds while you slowly faded away.

Your perfectionism is killing your brand!

I can guess what you’re thinking right now: “How can I create many pieces of meaningful content, let alone a video, per day? I can barely create one thing per week!”

Document, don’t create. It’s that simple.

It isn’t always about creating something mind-blowing. Sometimes, it’s just about staying relevant. Everyone has heard of Coca-Cola, yet even the most recognized and valuable brands in the world need to create content consistently in order to stay relevant.

There is an endless stream of insurance commercials these days, each trying to one-up each other in zaniness and humor. It’s all about staying in the minds of their customers. The same goes for your brand.

If you’re stuck trying to create something fresh, document your journey instead! A journey is another kind of story you can tell about what you think, who you are as a brand, and what you do. It’s an authentic way to portray your brand.

People crave authenticity and user-generated content. What better way to meet that desire than by documenting your experiences and posting about them daily on social media?

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Creating a Video From Scratch

Thinking up creative ideas in the digital video industry can be a Herculean task. First, there’s the process of thinking of something original that matches your brand’s identity. Then, you have many planning stages involved in filming. Finally, you have to take into account people’s short attention spans, the platforms where you share your content, your message to the audience, and whether the thing is going to cost you an arm and a leg.

There’s a lot that goes into the creating process. It’s exhausting! However, we are not saying it isn’t worth it.

You don’t need to create cinematic masterpieces every week in order to stay relevant. It’s good to limit these types of exhaustive creative processes so that you have a couple of high-quality videos to hang your hat on. Try making one every month and go from there!

Yes, creative videos can be a great way to distinguish yourself from your competition. Too many of them could mean you’re wasting your time.

If you are going to go with a creative video, do it right. Creative video content requires an effective marketing plan in order to succeed. You need to understand why you are making the video and figure out what your audience wants from you.

Do they want information about your brand? Entertainment? Drama? People-oriented stories? Is this a story that needs to be told? The creation process demands you know the answer to these questions.

How Does One “Document” Their Life?

What goes into documenting, and why is it better than the creative process? The answer is quantity!

When you start working on a video marketing strategy, the first thing you might notice is the sheer number of places you have to keep tabs on. You need to create blog posts, post images, videos, and updates on the plethora of social media platforms, create YouTube videos, and also keep an eye on your website. You may run into problems trying to create enough content to satisfy each hungry mouth.

Documenting allows you to create content “on the fly.” There is less prep required than with the creative process.

You can film innocuous events, like flying into the airport for a conference you’re attending or giving a small testimonial about a product you’re in love with. Simple clips like these can become multiple posts per day, which equal more relevance for you and your brand.

Another beauty of this process is that you may come up with creative ideas that you can turn into longer, more produced videos. Maybe you document your thoughts about a speaker during a marketing conference and post them on LinkedIn. Then, you realize you could elaborate on those thoughts in an educational video about your product. You just streamlined your video marketing strategy!

The important thing to remember is that you need to show, not tell. People love to see what you are up to. A trendy documenting option nowadays is to livestream you or your brand's antics on platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Remember that 500 million people watch video on Facebook every day. Get out there, create video content, and someone will be bound to watch it. Some subjects for your documented content might include:

  • Everyday business operations that bring people behind the scenes of your brand
  • Events and presentations that highlight your interests
  • Opinions about current events or trends in your industry (Pro Tip: Avoid politics!)
  • Product reveals or hands-on demos that are unscripted and/or live
  • Travel to and from events and your regular commutes
  • Answering questions your audience poses either via email or live streaming sessions

Don’t get stuck planning out every twist and turn of your video content, or you will miss out on so many opportunities. Not every piece you make will win a Shorty Award or Pulitzer Prize—your first stab at documenting may not even be that good. But we bet that your fourth, twelfth, or fiftieth video will be stellar. You might just surprise yourself!

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