Determining What Type of Video Is Best for Your Industry

Determining What Type of Video Is Best for Your Industry

When it comes to choosing the best videos for your industry, a term that gets thrown around a lot is “a good fit”—as in, making sure the type of video you choose is a “good fit.” What does that mean, exactly?

Think of it this way: It’s 19 degrees outside, the wind is howling at 35 miles per hour, and it has been snowing all day. If you only put on your tank top, shorts, and sandals while trying to wade through the storm, chances are you might not even make it to where you are going. You don’t have the right clothes on; it’s not the right fit.

The same goes for choosing the right video for your industry needs. If you don’t choose the type of video that suits your marketing needs, the storm of online video content will swallow you whole.

You don’t need big event videos or exhaustive product review videos if a simple demonstration video will suffice. Maybe a vlog isn’t the best type of video to pursue for your software company, but a behind-the-scenes video would be more effective.

All content marketing videos can be broken down into three broad categories: awareness, education, and engagement. Ask yourself, “What category am I pursuing?” Are you trying to build brand awareness? Are you trying to educate people about how your products or services work? Are you trying to engage your current audience more?

Once you determine which category works best with your marketing goals, you can delve deeper into the types of videos for each category and find your best fit.

Behind the Scenes (Best for Awareness)

People love getting to know your company behind the scenes, even if you think the everyday workings of your company are not very exciting. Maybe you have some sort of insight into projects you are working on, the process of getting a product to market, or the people behind the curtain. People love seeing your company’s personality and will have more faith in organizations they know are filled with people like them.

Are there any powerful stories that your employees could share? Do you want to highlight the culture of your company and how that creates a better product for the customer? Humanize your brand with some practical tips and tricks, and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Industries like finance, apparel, music and video, creative businesses, SaaS, and small businesses in general stand to benefit from behind-the-scenes videos. Really, any business will benefit, so long as you focus on stories and the human element of your business.

Demos (Best for Education)

One of the easiest ways to boost your sales if you are a product-based business is to demonstrate how your product works. The online retail brand Zappos increased its sales from six percent to 30 percent by simply adding demonstration videos to their product pages.

This makes sense. What is the biggest problem online customers tend to have when shopping online? The product doesn’t always look like the picture online.

When you display the product in a short video, it shows how the product looks in the real world and takes away some of the uncertainty with purchasing products online. The customer gets to “feel out” the product before actually committing to a purchase.

Another example of a good demo is MTailor, which is based around an app that digitally measures men’s bodies and provides them with “tailored” pant options. In this short, one-minute video, MTailer describes the product, provides testimonials to the viewer, and also demonstrates how the app works. People are visual creatures, so if we can see that a product works via a demonstration like this, we’re more likely to purchase that product.

Industries that stand to benefit the most from demos are online retailers, technology companies, make-up brands, and food makers. Demos double as explainer videos, so any type of industry whose products require a little more explanation is perfect. Just be sure to incorporate these five important elements to produce the best product demo videos possible.

Vlog/Live Video (Best for Engagement)

Let’s be honest: Writing another blog post just doesn’t cut it for businesses trying to expand their brand awareness and engage their audiences. While companies the world over have content blogs, vlogs (video blogs) are an excellent way to help you stand out. Vlogs are cheap, driven by personalities, and provide an extraordinary amount of engagement when considering the cost of production.

Vlogs provide you the opportunity to document the behind-the-scenes of your business or even the industry at large. You can share your company’s journey, tell stories about customers who have used your product, or even use it as an extended, entertaining sales pitch.

Behind the Brand with Bryan Elliott is a great example of combining all of these aspects into a vlog that has well over 75,000 subscribers. Even actor Will Smith started his own vlog on YouTube! Fans attest that the biggest appeal of Smith’s vlog is that his videos feel “raw and real” as opposed to corporate and stuffy.

Live video can also help generate audience engagement, and it ties nicely into vlogging. If you livestream a vlog, your audience will spend eight times longer watching your video than static on-demand vlogs. Live video streaming is a great way to create interest in your vlog and provide a more authentic feel to your content.

That doesn’t mean that you simply flip on the camera and start recording whatever comes to mind. All good vlogs and live videos have successful live video marketing plans with clear goals as to what the company is trying to achieve.

If your brand needs to build engagement, then vlogs and live videos are your best bet. Any kind of brand with nebulous behind-the-scenes activity will stand to benefit from creating a vlog.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the types of videos you can create. There are several industries where the best types of videos are obvious—test drive videos for automobile companies, recipe how-to videos for food, product review for consumer electronics, and 360 videos for real estate for example.

The best application of behind-the-scenes videos, demos, and vlogs tends to be vaguer for businesses. Yet, these types of videos are more goal-oriented in their approach. Determining the best type of video for your industry is entirely dependent on the marketing goals of your individual business. From healthcare to SaaS, your individual needs will differ from others in your industry.

So why make videos that are like everyone else’s? Focus on what makes you different. Show your personality. Show why customers should trust you over your competition. The three best ways to do that are to produce videos that build brand awareness, educate your audience, and engage them.

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