‘For the Love of Beer'


To say that beer is a staple in American culture would be the understatement of the year—or really the last five hundred years.

From the days of the pilgrims—who landed at Plymouth Rock because they were running low on ale—all the way to today where it’s being sold by frogs, knights and The Most Interesting Man in the World™, beer has always been a fabric in our society. And it’s evolved along with it.

In ‘For the Love of Beer,’ an Aftermarq original documentary, we speak with those who have dedicated their lives to making, selling, designing and even educating on America’s favorite alcoholic concoction. These masters of brew, with a little help from their narrator and countless classic beer ads, not only reflect on the past and present state of the industry, but where beer is headed as we march toward the future.



Directed by: Rich MacLeod
Produced by: Vincenzo Landino
Cinematography: Blake Guidry
Edited by: Rich MacLeod

Special Thanks to:

Land Grant Brewing

Seventh Son Brewing

The Ohio State University