Aftermarq received 3 Shorty Award Nominations! Here’s how it happened.

Aftermarq received 3 Shorty Award Nominations! Here’s how it happened.

Aftermarq has been nominated for 3 Shorty Awards for our video series called #LifeAt for the company SAP (Strategies, Applications, and Programs). The categories Aftermarq has been nominated for include:

  • Best Branded Series
  • Best in Business to Business
  • Best Use of Storytelling

For those who don’t know, the Shorty Awards honors the best of social media by recognizing influencers, brands, and organizations throughout major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This award show is the most prominent and influential show of its kind. The actual awards show takes place in New York City, and some of the biggest names in Hollywood and social media come together to honor the award recipients.

Aftermarq produced a series of videos on the business life at several companies who use SAP day-to-day. #LifeAt features entrepreneurial and exciting small and midsize businesses that utilize SAP’s enterprising software to help manage their finances, logistics, human resources, and other business areas. In other words, SAP tracks business and customer interactions.

It’s not the sexiest sounding business, but that’s where Aftermarq came in.

Aftermarq’s #LifeAt videos were so popular that they caught the attention of the Real Time Academy, the group that judges the Shorty Awards. In honor of our nominations, let’s take a look at why the video series was nominated according the Academy themselves.

Goals Behind the Videos

The ultimate goal was to tell the authentic stories behind the people who use SAP to drive their small and midsize business success. The narrative form of stories is considered the most effective way to drive effective online marketing strategies. People like stories and will identify with a brand that tells a story. Through research at MIT, they learned that “stories significantly increase consumers’ engagement with websites and that stories originating from consumers are especially powerful in shaping brand attitudes in social media.”

Aftermarq spent time creating short, easily digestible 3 to 5 minute video stories about companies that you wouldn’t normally associate with SAP and its products. Hosted by Ryan Sonnenberg and Ursula Ringham, the series was an episodic “Buddy Road Trip” style series that interviewed companies about their history, culture, people, and their local communities. Small and midsize companies like Schoolhouse ElectricBatory Foods, Sock It To Me, and Genieco showed how their companies operated in-depth and illustrated why SAP was an excellent solution that allowed for the companies to run more efficiently and provide time to do more of what they love.

These Types of Videos Really Do Work

Aftermarq carried out a tactical dissemination strategy for the #LifeAt campaign. This strategy involves putting out videos in spurts, allowing for greater audience exposure while avoiding potential audience fatigue. Since 72% of B2B buyers are watching videos to help them make their buying decisions, it was critical for SAPs to engage with their audience on a personal level in order to sell their small and midsize business tools. How did this all work out, though?

Not surprisingly, one of the reasons Aftermarq is being nominated for the Shorty Awards is because of the incredible success of the #LifeAt campaign. Over 14.5 million impressions were made on the series which led to about 700,00 views and a view-through rate of 40 percent. Usually the industry standard hovers around 21%, so this well exceeded Aftermarq’s goals for the series.

What really sells the effectiveness of the series campaign was the fact that viewers didn’t just watch the videos, but they clicked through to view the SAP Growth Matters Network which highlights SAP’s offerings for small and midsize businesses. If you want to see the full results of the #LifeAt campaign, head on over to the Shorty Awards website where they have a story about Aftermarq’s nominations.

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