6 Videos Ideas for Your Business

6 Videos Ideas for Your Business

You’ve finally decided to create a video to promote your business, but there are so many options out there. Should you make a promo? What about an infographic or animated video? Could you just use testimonials and put them in a video?

Video can be a powerful way to build your brand, engage the customer, and promote new developments in your industry. Video ideas for your business are hard to come by, though. That’s why Aftermarq has compiled a quick list of six video ideas that can help you implement your video strategy and spark some creative thinking.

1. Promo

The term “promo” is often a catch-all for any kind of video promoting a product or service. In this case, a promo is similar to a teaser for a movie. Promo videos are often short, with most being under the two-minute mark. A short promo gives a general sense of what is to come and sparks curiosity in your business.

With promos, you can promote anything from your products and services to an upcoming event. The goal of any promo is to give a feel for your brand, as opposed to selling a particular product or service. You are starting a conversation with the customer and attempting to build a personal connection with them.

Promos in advertising are easy to ignore nowadays with the amount of content bombarding people daily. One way to stand out is to know what your audience watches and then tailor a fun message that fits their comedic sensibilities.

Take Ryan Reynold’s promo for Aviation Gin, for example.

He has played the snarky lead in multiple movies like Van Wilder and Deadpool, and he uses that same wit to tell the story behind how his gin is made. This type of promo entertains the audience and also builds brand awareness.

For a more in-depth look at creating a promotional video that’ll knock your audience’s socks off, check out this article.

2. Infographic

Let’s be honest: Facts can be boring. If customers were given the choice between reading an article replete with statistics and facts or watching a colorful video, the video would win out every time.

So why not combine the two? An infographic video is an amazing way to share data about your business and customers while still providing some entertainment value.

One YouTube channel in particular has infographic videos down to a science. Kurzgesagt – In A Nutshell delves into topics ranging from optimistic nihilism to genetic engineering. Flashy graphics and narrated statistics breathe life into banal subject matter, making it easier to watch.

We process visuals 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. If you’re looking to grab people’s attention, think about building your next quarterly report as a snazzy infographic video.

Want some inspiration? Check out this list of excellent infographic videos that range from funny to serious.

3. Explainer and Educational

Is your product or service a little complicated? Do you need to explain what your company believes in? Do you have some interesting way to use your product?

Explainer videos are a great way to give your customers a clear understanding of your product or business. In fact, 95 percent of people have watched an explainer video in order to gain more information about a product or service. They’re a great resource for customers to find more information about your brand.

Squatty Potty showed customers how to “go” the right way in a creative (albeit eccentric) video with a unicorn visiting the porcelain bowl. Their product was pretty hard to explain without veering wildly into potentially inappropriate territory, yet they managed to create a harmless and entertaining video about how their product helps customers.

Explainer videos are most effective when they present a common problem and then linearly explain how your product is the solution. There are many reasons to use an explainer video to pitch your services, but the best reasons are that they’re a quick, concise, and often fun way to show what your brand is all about.

4. Behind the Scenes

Audiences love getting to look behind the curtain and make a real connection with you and your business. These videos are quite possibly the best way to humanize your brand. Remember: People want to buy things from people, not brands.

There are multiple types of behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos such as:

  • Team-building content
  • Progress content
  • Funny content
  • Personal content

You can follow employees through their everyday workflow, show how a product is made, or even use your employees’ stories to display your company’s culture. See this kind of video marketing in action in this beautiful video from Zappos, the online shoe and clothing retailer, about one employee’s pursuit to live her best life despite her cancer diagnosis.

5. Testimonial

Word of mouth is a powerful way to build brand awareness and has never been easier in today’s social media-driven world. People rely on the opinions of those they trust when deciding whether to purchase something or not. In fact, research has shown that 70 percent of customers read product reviews before they purchase any product, and people trust their peers’ reviews 12 times more than a brand’s message.

People want to buy from other people, not brands. This is why less-polished brands can be wildly successful, while sleek and modern brands can lag in sales.

While putting reviews on your website may help drive traffic, transforming those testimonials into videos puts a face to that feedback. It’s harder to fake a good video review than a text review, so people tend to trust them more. Check out this great resource for creating your own video testimonial.

6. Brand Film

Brand films seek to build an emotional connection with the audience and can sometimes be ancillary in subject matter. Rather, brands will tell a unique story about their company’s vision.

When Huawei created its “Dream It Possible” slogan, they also created a brand film about a young girl who aspires to become a pianist and overcomes her struggles to achieve her dream. Does this have anything to do with phones? Not at all. The point of the film is to inspire emotion that orbits the products and services Huawei sells.

If you are thinking of creating a brand film, the most critical aspect is being able to work with filmmakers successfully. If you create a good relationship with the filmmaker, they’ll reward you with a great story to tell about your brand.

Mixing video types can be a way to stand out from the crowd, as well. You don’t have to choose between a testimonial or brand film. You could combine the two and provide an artistic rendering of how your brand’s product changed a person’s life for the better.

Ultimately, regardless of the video type, you are trying to tell a story. These six video styles are just a few of many different ways you can build interest in your business. The most important thing to remember is to keep your underlying theme consistent no matter what type of video you choose.

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