3 Ways to Improve Your Lead Generation With Video Marketing

3 Ways to Improve Your Lead Generation With Video Marketing

Video marketing has become the next big thing in lead generation for businesses. You have probably heard of using content gating, calls to action, and live video, but are you sure you’re using them correctly?

While video has become incredibly popular, many companies still do not know how to use it to its full potential. You may be losing out on leads you could have caught with a more robust understanding of how to improve your lead generation with video marketing.

The good news is that it’s fairly easy to turn your existing video content into lead-generating machines for your business! Here are tips that can help improve your lead generation through video marketing.

  1. Gate Your Video Content

One of the simplest yet most elegant ways to improve your video’s lead generation is through “gates.” The idea is similar to a speakeasy: Unless you provide the correct password to the person at the door, you cannot gain entry to the club. In this case, the password is the viewer’s email address.

Marketers usually create landing pages for their products or services and include a video that explains what the business does. Instead of simply allowing the video to play when a visitor arrives on the page, include a “gate” that requires the visitor to submit their email address in order to watch the video.

A gate like this ensures that you have acquired the lead’s information before the video plays and, thus, have created a successful marketing video! With this method, you can attach an identity to the viewer and optimize your sales pitch based on the content they view on your site.

This “gate” method should only be used in the mid-sales funnel where the consumer is already aware of your business and wants to investigate further. Do not use this method for videos meant to help the viewer discover your business.

Instead, provide “un-gated” video content in the awareness stage of the sales funnel. Provide educational or branded videos that answer a consumer’s problem and make their life a little easier. If you have already garnered interest through top-of-the-funnel videos, any leads that submit their email will become high-quality leads.

If you want to learn how to create these “gates,” companies like Vidyard provide ways to create email gates directly into your video assets.

  1. Use Strategic Calls to Action

Calls to action (CTAs) are the bread and butter of successful video marketing. A strategically-placed CTA can push viewers to view more content, fill out more detailed information about themselves, or purchase your product or service. According to KISSmetrics, a CTA button within a video receives 380 percent more clicks than its sidebar counterparts.

On YouTube, you can use “cards” to direct viewers to relevant information. This feature can be used to create detailed CTAs and promote lead generation from the YouTube platform.

There are six types of cards: channel, donating, fan funding, links, polls, and videos. With these cards, you can link to related material, encourage viewers to subscribe to your email lists, and drive traffic to your website.

If you are just putting a video on your landing page, you can use pop-out ads and contact forms to get more direct data from your viewers. Regardless of your choice, adding a CTA to the end of your videos allows your viewers to act upon their first impressions immediately and become customers.

There are many types of CTA styles, such as the “casual,” “mood setter,” or “inspirational” styles. Ask a question, give free trials, provide a form to fill out, or even recommend another video. Whichever you choose, make sure the CTA works with the type of video you make, your target audience, and your platform.

  1. Use Live Video Streaming to Generate Leads

Live video streaming is set to take over the marketing world, so why not get a head start by including it in your lead generation? Many marketers love to pigeonhole live video streaming as a tool used only by video game players or YouTube personalities, but it has so much potential beyond than that. Live videos are one of the best ways to connect with an audience and personalize your approach to selling your brand.

Live video streaming is growing exponentially. The industry is already valued at around $30 billion and could reach $70 billion by 2021. Live video is growing among all age demographics, and 63 percent of people ages 18 to 34 are watching live-streamed video content regularly.

What’s the big deal with live video? For starters, it is far more engaging than passive video experiences. Facebook users watch live videos on the platform three times longer than videos that aren’t live. Viewers can comment live on videos and provide instantaneous feedback about your products and services.

Live streaming is also fairly cost-effective. You only need a decent camera, a good internet connection, and a functional finger to press a button in order to go live.

Those are the benefits, but how can you generate leads using live video? This article from Social Media Examiner has some great tips, but here are a few highlights:

  • Teasers and Prompts: Once you have come up with an interesting topic, use teasers during your presentation to guide the viewer to the end of the video and, ultimately, your product. Chat with your audience about their level of interest and where they would like the video to go.
  • Discounts and Promotions: A major factor in the appeal of live video is the “fear of missing out.” Work with that feeling, and offer discount and promotions that you can only get during the live video.
  • Live Demonstrations: Martha Stewart was recently deemed the “Queen of Facebook Live.” She continues to use the platform effectively to sell her brand, hosting live demonstrations of various home-making products. (See, for example, Martha’s Christmas ornament tutorial video with Kevin Sharkey on Facebook Live, in which she regularly reminds viewers they can buy the products they see at Home Depot.) Offer your product, but also provide the customer valuable information too!

Videos can be your secret weapon in generating leads for your business. There is no limit to how many ways you can use video in your marketing strategy—these are only a few examples! Videos are a great storytelling device that can bring some much-needed humanity into the sales process. Authenticity has become a huge selling point for many of today’s consumers.

Ultimately, generating leads through video requires developing an effective video marketing strategy. If you don’t have the proper strategy, you could be letting a host of easy business opportunities fall through the cracks.

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