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Aftermarq is the only video content marketing consultancy that advocates consistency over content. We are practictioners of this skill in marketing, having helped businesses all over the world, small, medium and large. We speak from experience, measured results and engagement from over 9 years of execution. It is time to start accepting the changing face of online media. And we’re here to help.


Online users want video.

Did you know that by 2019, it’s projected that much of the activity and feeds of social media will be video? We are continually growing into a visual-learning society. This is what your customers want. Simply writing the words in a blog is not enough.

When media powerhouses Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram begin putting such weight on video, both produced and live, it’s quite a strong indication of where content marketing is being directed. If social networks are pushing it, it is time to let your company take advantage of that organic reach. And most importantly, stop fighting the content your audience wants to see from you. Give the people what they want.

Deep Learning

Native on Social Media

Adds Personality

Attention Grabbing

Boosts Organic Reach

Establishes Branding

How We Can Help.

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the experts.

Aftermarq is not only versed on the video marketing landscape and staying on top of the new developments as they happen, but practitioners in the space. We have the knowledge and strategy that’s been executed and measured to teach the companies that see value in video and want to do it right.

Strategy Development

New to all this? No problem. We will help you get started in creating an actionable video marketing strategy for your business that will begin gaining traction in both live and produced video.


Aftermarq can offer a comprehensive training program for you and your employees, getting on the same page in terms of production quality, editing best practices and how to maximize on video for your brand.

In-House Workshops

Through our In-House Workshops, Aftermarq can help share its wealth of knowledge in the video marketing space, while inducing a sense of urgency in those within your organization who still need a bit of convincing on the power of this new medium.


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Aftermarq is the only video content marketing consultancy that advocates consistency over content. We provide strategy development, in-house workshops and video marketing training to our clients.

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